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Questions 4501-4550

4501. Who do you feel on shaky grounds with?

4502. How would you rate Stephen King as a writer?

4503. What movie are you looking forward to?

4504. Hulk Hogan with or without the bandana?

4505. Do you more often tell people what you feel or what you think?

4506. Have you been to see an opera?

4507. What do you wish that you knew with more certainty?

4508. Does your heart break and break and live by breaking?

4509. Can you tell the difference between what you think and what you feel or do you often get them confused?

4510. Do you feel like there are a lot of referances in this survey that you are not getting?

4511. You are shopping in the Mad Mall for things to add to your room. Of the following list, what 5 things will you buy?
lollipops, lace up boots, bondage gear, bubblegum machine, a miniature orange grove, house plants, Bob Geldof, duct tape, Buzzcocks, poet shirts, Marc Almond, Al Gore, acrylic paints, Snoopy's dog house, an original andy warhol painting, zippers, orange and pink matching curtains and bed spread, flash, oj simpson, a slurpee maker, some flutes, electric chairs, feather pillows, post it notes, the terminator wax statue, fight club the movie, fight club the book

Which 5?

4512. Of the following things, which would you most like to have more of?
drink, dreams, bed, drugs, lust, lies, hate, love, fear, fun, pain, flesh, stars, smiles, fame, sex

Which ?

4513. Your preference. David Bowie or Marc Bolan?

4514. Who'd win in a fight, Morrissey or Robert Smith?

4515. Earth girls are:

4516. One of your friends tells you they are going to train to become a cop. your reaction?

4517. Would you ever consider working for the government?

4518. What are the best and worst television channels?

4519. If you had a magicle pencil and everything you drew became real what would you draw?

4520. Your boots were made for:

4521. What movie would you like to see a mystery science theater episode about (even if it isn't a sci fi movie, just one that needs making fun of)?

4522. What's the buzz?

4523. The last person you would want to be stranded on a desert island with is:

4524. Your partner takes an aeroplane trip. the plane disappears and is never found. How long do you wait for them to return before you begin looking for a new partner?

4525. Soma animals that mate for life can literally die of grief if their mate is captured or dies. How many humans would do that do you think?

4526. What would you like to touch?

4527. Does anything you own glow in the dark?

4528. Would you rather ride a dragon or a unicorn?

4529. Do things just always go right for you?

4530. What's the best nick toon?

4531. Can you make a balloon animal?

4532. Would you undress at a nude beach?

4533. Wherever there's a secret recipe, there is someone who wants to steal it. True or false?

4534. What is today but yesterday's tommorrow?

4535. Are you more like spongebob who does nothing right but still everything good happens to or like squidworth who tries to do things right and ends up having nothing good happen to him?

4536. How many glasses of water do you drink each day?

4537. What is the difference between intellectualism and pretentiosness?

4538. What do you like in a poem, accessability, crypticness or somethin in between?

4539. What do you think of William Blake?
Is his writing difficult to understand?

4540. Has learning to spell become obsolete?

4541. Who do you find yourself in constant conflict with?

Why the conflict?

4542. What is the difference between literature and hallmark cards?

4543. How many contemporary poets can you name?

4544. What subjects do you refuse to talk about?

Why are you hiding from them? idk

4545. Are you every parent's wet dream?

4546. Everyone starts in the garden of Eden but no one can stay there.
Why not?

4547. Would you want to join a club that would have you as a member?

4548. Greatest black and white film:

4549: Greatest film three hours or longer:

4550. No means..

We are getting Close.

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