Curly Fry and the Tator Tots (jaebird) wrote in 5000survey,
Curly Fry and the Tator Tots

Questions 4251-4300

4251. If you could make a new toothpaste flavor what would it be?

4252, Have you ever called the police or the fire department?

Why and what happened?

4253. What's more important, freedom or security and why?

4254. Who pays most of the taxes, rich people, or average people or poor people?

Who should pay the most?

4255. You are on the weakest link with these contestants: a monkey, Simon Coswell, Hayden Christensen, Cher, a guy in a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume and GW Bush. Who do you vote off as the weakest link and why?

4256. Do you like:
mint skittles?
mint ice cream?
junior mints?

4257. Does protesting/demonstrating really have any effect?

4258. After the world demonstrated against war with Iraq, Saddam was quoted as saying america was 'weak and isolated'. Do you believe this is so?

4259. Have you ever wanted to be with someone who was off limits?

4260. Have you ever wanted someone so badly that you would kiss your hand imagining it was them?

4261. Are there any situations when cheating on someone is okay?

4262. When you feel empty inside what do you fill yourself up with?

Where does it come from?

4263. Would you rather be loved or desired?

4264. When you remember something do you remember yourself to be more or less graceful/positive/smooth than you actually were?

4265. How can you tell the days of the week apart without using a calander?

Are your days really different or all the same?

4266. Who started punk rock?
Who started goth?
Who started hip hop?

4267. What 3 things about you have shaped your life the most?

4268. Is your mind awake?
Is your soul?
Were they always?
If not, can you remember a moment or a few moments that helped you wake up?

4269. Have you ever misperceived what was going on only to discover it when it was too late?

4270. Do you understand the human heart?
4271. How important is your weight?
How important is your partner's weight?

4272. What color is the wind?

4273. Do you believe children or adults know more?

4274. Do you believe you are crazy?

4275. Did you predict the ending to Joe Millionaire?

Is there something you care about less than you care about Joe Millionaire?

4276. Snow blower or shovel?

4277. List everything you ate in the last 24 hours?

4278. Have you ever plagerized?
If yes, what and why?
did you get caught?

No one could act in that daredevil movie. The script sucked as well. This is not a question.

4279. Who specifically annoys you?

4280. What is your favorite blanket like?

4281. How do you feel about teachers coming on to their students?

Students comming on to their teachers?

4282. In what ways do you keep yourself entertained?

4283. Entertainers (musicians, sports players) are the highest paid people in america. Why are we so obsessed with being entertained?

4284. Do you want a perfect body?

4285. Do you want a perfect soul?

4286. Which do you want more?

4287. Do you want people to notice when you're not around?

4288. Are you more of a creep, a wierdo or special?

4289. Who wrote the bible?

4290. Who wrote the book of love?

4291. Who put the bomp in the bomp ba bomp ba bomp?

4292. Who rocks the party that rocks the party?

4293. If you could pick 5 things to study with no limits what 5 things would you pick?

4294. Do you study any of them on your own?

4295. What's more important, learning or getting the hell out?

4296. What is your favorite highlighter color?

4297. Give everyone some advice:

4298. Are you practically perfect in every way?

4299. Are you nasty and tricksy?

4300. Where is the precious?
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