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Curly Fry and the Tator Tots

Questions 4301-4350

4301. Suggest a question for the 5,000 question survey:

Did you count?

4302. What's your preferred form of artistic expression (writing, drawing, musicianship, etc...)?

4303. Name one thing that's overrated:

Name one thing that's underrated:

4304. Are the beatles overrated?

4305. Do you smoke? if so, what brand?

4306. Why do you choose to listen to the music you listen to?

4307. Does music these days suck?

4308. Are personal ads acts of desperation?

4309. Have you ever been/are you a vegetarian?

4310. Who are the three most important musical artists in your life?

4311. do you find it disrepectful when contemporary musicians cover older ones?

How about when people attribute the writing of these songs to the bands that only covered them?

4312. Do you believe in arming civilians?

4313. Do you find desolation and darkness sometimes beautiful?

4314. If you were drafted to fight in Afghanistan, would you willingly and proudly go?

4315. What is people juice?

4316. Isle or window seat?

4317. What is your Favorit Simpsons character?

4318. Have you ever been to Mexico?

4319. Are people that wear glasses more or less attractive?

4320. What sucks more, a Mini Van or SUV?

4321. Are the days of writing and mailing letters lost?

4322. What do you think about right before you go to sleep?

4323. Do I ever cross your mind - anytime?

4324. Have you ever solved a Rubix Cube?

4325. Why is everyone so emotionaly and spiritually dead???

Are YOU??

4326. What can you feel BURNING UP inside your head?

4327. What life experiance do you have?

4328. Have you ever hit rock bottom?

What was that like for you?

4329. Are you self destructive?

4330. Are you very extreme?

4331. Are you completely full or do you feel empty?

4332. Can you turn the whole world inside out?

4333. Are you potentially a criminal?

4334. Where is your PASSION??

4335. Why do we hide our souls?

4336. How many times have you lied today?

Did you just lie to that question?

4337. Do you always notice when you are lying?

4338. Do you think that lying is so built into our culture that we can't help it?

4339. What are fighting against?

What are you fighting for?

Why aren't you fighting?

4340. Give the following things a rating. One is compltely normal, ten is completely crazy/rebelious.
no pircings or tattoos:
pink hair:
openly discussing sex:
bob marley:
green hair:
extreme emotion:
a tie:
spiked bracelets:

4341. What'd you think of the grammys?

4342. When you see the stars and the waves crash in how do you feel?

4343. What do you think about under a midnight sky?

4344. Who are 'they'?

4345. Who cares what they think???

4346. Do you ever let them stop you?

4347. What would you do if there were no limits?

There are no limits. Go Do it.

4348. Will you dance with me?

4349. Will you drink yourself on the floor with me?

4350. Will you sleep in the streets with me?
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